• Alumni Vice-Chairman gave a presentation in an Open Forum organized by KBAS and co-sponsored by Hull(HK) Alumni (14th January, 2013)

    Posted on January 30, 2013 by Hull Alumni Editor in Activities, News, past-activities, Photos.

    KBAS Public Forum_20130114A

    On 14th January 2013, Dr. Richard Chow, Vice-Chairman of the Hull(HK) Alumni, talked in an open forum on “Securities Fraud and Market Misconduct” organized by Kaplan Business & Accounting School and co-sponsored by the Hull(HK) Alumni. The event was well attended.

    The open forum was particularly interesting to all with Dr. Chow supporting his points with real cases which were already in the public domain during his days as an Enforcement Director of the Securities & Futures Commission. Participants also enjoyed the opportunity to meet each other and have a taste of some fine wine sponsored by Mr. Wilson Kam, Exco-member of the Hull(HK) Alumni.








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