• Hull Wine Tasting Gathering and Talk on “Introduction to the Sport of Horse Racing”

    Posted on June 4, 2019 by Hull Alumni Editor in Activities, News, Others, past-activities, Photos.

    Introduction to the Sport of Horse Racing (Final Version)

    The Hull (HongKong) Alumni organized a Wine Tasting Gathering at Kaplan Higher Education on Thursday 20 June 2019 and was well attended by Hull graduates, and students and their friends from Kaplan. The highlight of the event was be a talk on “Introduction to the Sport of Horse Racing” by Mr. Gary Ling, one of our alumni members.

    Gary is an experienced racehorse owner in Hong Kong, Australia and South Africa. He is also a Member of the Advisory Committee of the Racing Club (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong Jockey Club). His talk covered knowledge on horses, horse racing, and his experience as a horse owner. He also told us about the HKJC Young Elite Club and the HKJC Conghua Racecourse.

    The Alumni thank Kaplan Higher Education for supporting this event.

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