Chairman’s message

Dear Fellow Members,

Happy New Year to all of you!

We held our AGM on 7th December 2016 and the following members have been elected to continue to serve the board of the executive committee as follows:
Dr. Michael Leung
Dr. Richard Chow
Mr. Alfred Li
Ms. Winnie Yip
Mr. Barry Ho
Mr. Ellis Lai
Mr. L Y Chu
Dr. Fowie Ng
Mr. Raymond Fung
Dr. Peter So
Mr. Wilson Kam

The Board had approved the resignations of Ms. Louisa Ng and Mr. Louis To and wished to express our gratitude for their past contributions to the Alumni.

The Board also expressed our appreciation to KH Lam & Co for its work as our Honorary Auditors since the inception of the Alumni and was delighted to be able to re-appoint KH Lam & Co in this capacity in 2017.

Events for the upcoming year were discussed, Highlights are as follows:
(1) The first event will be a talk on Corporate Governance to be held in mid-February.
(2) A racing bonanza will be scheduled for April/May.
(3) Other activities such as golf and wine tasting will be arranged.
(4) A group visit to Hull will be arranged this summer
(5) The Alumni will assist the university to hold the Hull Connect 2017 probably after summer.
(6) Ex-co members will seek opportunities to introduce the Alumni to students in the coming new Hull Intakes
(7) Ex-co members will arrange to give short presentations to students on topics agreeable to the university.
(7) The Alumni will maintain closer relationship with Hull faculties and the VC to be appointed.
(8) The Alumni will make better attempts to expand networking with other university alumnus.

My Visit to Hull

I recently visited the University again and I am delighted to inform you that the University is fast expanding. I was able to tour around the various faculties and buildings, and shopped at the Student Union. The Logistic Institute was kind enough to brief me on the development of wind farms at the Estuary of River Humber at the North Sea on their impressive LCD screen. A significant event was the establishment of the new Health Campus, with at its heart the iconic Allam Medical Building, due to open in July next year. I visited the Brynmor Jones Library which is one of the tallest building in the city and had a grand view of Hull on a clear sunny day. The highlight of my visit was viewing the University of Hull Art Collection on the ground floor of the Library. The collection includes works by Beardley, Sickert, Steer, Lucien Pissarro as well as sculpture by Epstein, Gill, Henry Moore, and others. It is a “must go” on your next visit to Hull. I am happy to show you some recent photos of the University.

Entrance to the University
Entrance to the University

The School of Business and Management
The School of Business and Management

Dr. John Mc Loughlin, Director of Development, Alumni and External Affairs, and Professor Alan Seight, Pro-Vice Chancellor Education, and a team of 5 other university members just visited the Association and we had a very enjoyable evening out.

The City of Hull has been selected as the “City of Culture” in the UK in 2017, an event that is held every 4 years, and this year the City of Hull was awarded the honour. The University has been very much involved and there will be events every day in the city this year to celebrate the distinction. It is the Alumni Association’s plan for 2017 that we will organize a group visit to Hull and to participate and enjoy in the celebrations. We hope that we can offer you more information on the planned visit soon.

Wishing you all a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous Year of the Rooster!
Michael Leung